At tsukuruba inc., we develop business by combining "Design, Business and Technology".

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Company Outline

Company Name
tsukuruba inc.
August, 2011
Headquarter Address
Daini Ikura Building 2nd Floor, 1-1-5 Kamimeguro,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0051
Hiroki Murakami, CEO
Masahiro Nakamura, CCO
Hiroshi Kitahara, COO
Ryohei Koike, CFO
Shinichi Takano, Non-executive Director
Hidekazu Suzuki, Non-executive Director
Yoshinori Fukushima, Non-executive Director
Keiko Hattori, Corporate Auditor
Yusuke Sato, External Corporate Auditor
Keiko Hatano, External Corporate Auditor
Number of Employees
121 (As of July, 2019, Full-time employees)
  • Creating and operating technology-powered property-related services:
  • "cowcamo", an end-to-end real estate online brokerage platform for used and renovated properties
  • "co-ba", subscription-based co-working offices