We are a company that invents places
that continue to make business
to become a new culture before long.



We believe that “places” have the power to affirm the life of others and we make a new culture by “inventing new places”. TSUKURUBA Inc is a company that contributes to the society through its business that will become a new culture before long and its expansion.


Our mission is to make
a new future
by “inventing new places”.

Our definition of “places” extends beyond physical places. “Places” have meanings for the people who interact in those “places”, for the emotions and stories that are born and converted in those “places” .

Whether you try to enthuse those around you or even attempt to start a revolution which galvanizes societies, it all starts with an action. In spite of taking the circumstances for granted, actions and will would inspire new actions. Actions and will are passed on from one person to another, leading to a new and better future.

Like the domino effect of the chain of people and the wil, we create new culture for the next generation. That’s how we define “invention”. We make a new future by “inventing new places”.


We are a leading company
that continues to make
business to become
a new culture before long.

The culture is not made overnight. We wish to make such a society and strive to realize the goals with the society. It is a long way for the business to become a culture. We have a wide vision and aim to become the leading company which continues to make business to become the culture before long.


Since our foundation of tsukuba, we have been operating under the faith “through our business, we strive to develop this value to contribute to society”. We provide services so that our business provides new values to the society and creates a new life culture.


We are working on innovation of the distribution structure of houses by planning, developing and running “cowcamo”, our end-to-end real estate brokerage platform for used and renovated properties.

Real estate Planning and Designing

We are working business as a mission in producing new value in the real estate domain.


Please join our team and
make a new future

「Our mission is to make a new future by “inventing new places”. We are doing our business connected by this mission and by making use of each team member’s strength. With our posted MISSION, VISION and three VALUEs which we regard important in working, we are looking for new members who sympathize with them from a heart and can practice our mission in “inventing new places”.

Keep Creating “BA”