Since its founding, TSUKURUBA Inc. has grown with the support of many people, with the mission to build a future by inventing new places.

To all users of services provided by TSUKURUBA including cowcamo, to business operators transacting with cowcamo, to members (employees) who have been part of the TSUKURUBA movement, and shareholders with empathy for TSUKURUBA’s philosophy and business, we are delighted to be able to make the future with all of you with a forward-thinking collaboration and mindset.

We hope that all shareholders/investors of TSUKURUBA Inc. learn more about our company and continue to support us forever.

To carry out our goals, we make the following promises to you:

  1. 1. It’s all about Our Mission

    We are dedicated to our mission of creating a future through the “invention of places”

    TSUKURUBA invents places where information crosses real space, and acts as a mediator for the future that evolves through the propagation of every individual’s feelings.

    Visible places and with people involved, together with their thoughts...we believe in the power of places which act as the mediator that propagates the thoughts of people.

    Our management philosophy is to build the future by inventing new places. It serves as the foundation for all corporate activities. We provide value to society through our business growth

  2. 2. Co-Creation

    To create TSUKURUBA together with our stakeholders, we develop co-creation relationships both inside and outside the company.

    We hope to work not only with our members (employees), but also with users of our services, business partners, and our shareholders who believe in, and support the future of TSUKURUBA. Together, we wish to create a movement for the future. To accomplish our goals, we will endeavor not only to disclose appropriate information but also to create relationships both internally and externally.

  3. 3. Sustainability

    We will create a corporate body that continues to create value for society, without being afraid of change or making bold investments.

    Since its founding, TSUKURUBA has been operating under the belief that a company exists to create value for society through the expansion of its core business. We will create a corporate body that continues to generate value in society beyond the lives of people. We aim to be a company that continues to provide such ongoing value and have our shareholders support us as long as possible.

We dedicate ourselves to these three promises and to have as many people participate in TSUKURUBA as shareholders. We deeply appreciate your continuous support.

Hiroki Murakami, CEO