Representative Director, CEO
Hiroki Murakami

Born in 1985. Hiroki has a Bachelors of Arts from Rikkyo University's College of Business (formly the Faculty of Sociology). While studying he ran his own business and belonged to Professor Scott Davis' research laboratory. After graduating, he joined the real estate developer, Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd., and engaged in the asset management business for wholesale real estate. From there, Hiroki joined LIFULL Co., Ltd., (formerly Next Co., Ltd.) a company that operates the real estate portal known as HOME'S, and was involved with planning, development, and business and promotion strategy of related IT services. Hiroki co-founded TSUKURUBA Inc. with Masahiro in 2011.

Representative Director, Founder
Masahiro Nakamura

Born in 1984. Masahiro has a Master of Architecture and Building Engineering from the Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and studied under the Architect, Mr. Yoshiharu Tsukamoto. After graduating, Masahiro joined the real estate developer Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd. Later he worked for a museum design firm as a spatial and interior designer for museum exhibitions and event spaces through the use of digital devices. Then, after working at an environmental NPO, he co-founded TSUKURUBA Inc. with Hiroki Murakami in 2011. He currently designs places that combine design, business, and technology.

Director, COO
Hiroshi Kitahara

Along with a Ph.D. in Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Hiroshi has an MBA from Université Paris-Dauphine in partnership with IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School and the Renault Foundation. After working for Corporate Directions Inc., Hiroshi joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting in 2012, moving to Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia in 2014. His main areas of focus were due diligence and PMI projects related to the overseas expansion of Japanese manufacturers and trading companies, creation of new businesses, and acquisitions. Since 2016, he has been a member of TSUKURUBA’s Management Planning section. After serving as the General Manager of Corporate Planning and Finance & Accounting Department, he became COO and General Manager of Corporate Planning in 2018 and Director, COO in August 2020.

Director, CFO
Ryohei Koike

Born in 1978. Ryohei has a Bachelors of Arts from Nihon University's College of Economics. Certified Public Accountant. Ryohei joined KPMG AZSA LLC, (formerly Asahi & Co.) in 2003 and registered as a Certified Public Accountant in 2007. After conducting various accounting audits, financial due diligence, and supporting IPOs, he joined STAR FESTIVAL INC., in 2013. He served as CFO and Corporate Auditor of the company, and played an important role in the company's fund raising. Ryohei then joined Faurecia Inc., in 2016 as General Manager, building the company's personnel and internal control system. In 2016, after serving as an external Corporate Auditor of TSUKURUBA Inc., he became CFO and General Manager of the Finance and Accounting Department in 2018 and Director, CFO in August 2020.

Non-executive Director
Shinichi Takano

Born in 1958. Shinichi is a Graduate of Tohoku University's Faculty of Law. After working at Recruit Co., Ltd., in Personnel and Public Relations (directly under the founder, Mr. Hiromasa Ezo), he was transferred to Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd., (formerly Recruit Cosmos Co., Ltd.) to work on its IPO project. There he served as a manager in the real estate distribution and leasing business, concurrently being the Group Strategy Office Manager and General Manager of the HR Group. He played a central role in the company's IPO, created a management department, made the real estate leasing business profitable after the burst of Japan's bubble economy, and contributed to Japan's first business revitalization ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) after The Great Recession (The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008). In 2010, he joined Gyosei Corporation and reorganized the company as Corporate Officer and General Manager of the headquarters of management during a long-term decline in sales and profit. After leaving Gyosei in 2015, Shinichi became a Director of Nihon Kotsu Co., Ltd. (resigned in August 2019) and a Non-Executive Director of TSUKURUBA Inc.

Non-executive Director
Hidekazu Suzuki

Born in 1982. Hidekazu joined Daiwa Securities (formerly Daiwa Securities SMBC Investment Bank) in 2005 and worked at its Investment Bank division for 13 years. He conducted advisory services for the establishment of Equity stories and Governance systems to deal with assessments by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and stock pricing of IPOs, as well as valuation and fundraising, including IPOs. He was in charge of various IPOs, including a global IPO of Japan's first unicorn company, where he was the lead underwriter. In December 2018, Hidekazu joined Atrae Inc. as the CFO and has been in charge of the company's financial strategy, management planning, investor relations and M&A. In October 2019 he was appointed as a non-executive director of TSUKURUBA Inc.

Non-executive Director
Yoshinori Fukushima

Born in 1988. Yoshinori graduated from the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, having majored in computer science and machine learning. In 2012, while still a graduate student, he founded Gunosy Inc. He became the company's CEO and it was listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2.5 years after its founding. Later, the company was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Yoshinori then became CEO of Layer X in 2018 and was appointed as a board member of the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA) in June 2019. He was recognized as a Super Creator in 2012, certified under the IPA Program. He was also selected as one of Forbes Asia's 30 under 30 and received an award for a co-authored thesis from the Association for Natural Language Processing in 2017. Yoshinori was appointed as a non-executive director of TSUKURUBA Inc. in October 2019.


    Corporate Auditor
    Keiko Hattori

    Born in 1976. Keiko graduated from Keio University's Faculty of Law. Certified Public Accountant in Japan and Delaware State Certified Public Accountant. After working for corporate sales and as a stock researcher at financial institutions such as Mizuho Bank (formerly Fuji Bank), JP Morgan Securities, and BNP Paribas, she joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC. She conducted accounting audits for listed and/or foreign-affiliated companies and later opened the Keiko Hattori Certified Public Accountant Firm. She joined TSUKURUBA Inc. as a Corporate Auditor in 2016.

    External Corporate Auditor
    Yusuke Sato

    In 2008, Yusuke joined Google Inc., and was in charge of product advertisement. He joined the team that founded FreakOut Holdings Group Inc., (formerly FreakOut Inc.) in 2010. He was also a Director at Ignis Ltd., helping the company to go public in 2014. In 2018, he merged Coiney Inc. with stores.jp, inc. and established hey, inc. He has served as TSUKURUBA's advisor since 2015 and became an External Corporate Auditor in November 2018.

    External Corporate Auditor
    Keiko Hatano

    Keiko became a registered lawyer at Mori Law Office in 2008. In addition to working in the fields of construction, real estate, and casualty insurance, etc., she is a member of the JFBA Housing Dispute Settlement Agency Examination Committee, the Hokkaido Housing Reform and Dispute Settlement Center Management Committee Executive Secretary, a Corporate Compliance Committee Advisor, and an Ethics Review Committee Appointed Auditor of Star Festival Co., Ltd. Keiko became an External Corporate Auditor for TSUKURUBA in 2018.


    Operating Officer (Human Resources)
    Taiyo Fujita

    Born in 1979. Taiyo has a Bachelors of Arts from Rikkyo University's College of Business (formly the Faculty of Sociology) and Masters of Management from Graduate School of Management GLOBIS University (research theme: breakthrough leadership). After graduate school, he joined I’LL Inc, and launched a human resources and recruitment team and experienced the company’s IPO as a manager. After leaving I’LL, he joined K.K. Ashisuto in 2009 and as a corporate planning manager, he engaged in all company management and organization reform followed by the retirement of founding president. After leaving K.K. Ashisuto, he joined TSUKURUBA Inc. in 2017. After serving as a manager of human resources and administrative, he became CHRO and General Manager of People and Community Division in November 2019 and Operating Officer in August 2020.

    Operating Officer (Business Development)
    Yutaro Yamada

    Born in 1987. Yutaro has a Master of Innovation Management from the Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology University. After graduate school, he joined Dream Incubator Inc in 2012. In 2015, he launched a privately owned consulting firm as an operating officer and experienced strategic consulting to large companies and reorganization and creation of value of mid-size companies. After becoming a person in charge in block-chain business at AnyPay Inc, he joined TSUKURUBA Inc. in 2019. After serving as the Manager of Asset Development Section and Head of Corporate Planning Section, he became Operating Officer in Business Development and a person in charge of Supply-Side Business in August 2020.