Since the founding of TSUKURUBA Inc., we create businesses based on our Mission "To make a new future by 'inventing new places'".


Aug. Founded TSUKURUBA Inc. at Shibuya, Tokyo.
Nov. Opened a co-working office "co-ba shibuya" at Shibuya, Tokyo.


June Launched Spatial Design and Produce business (current Property Planning and Design business)


Jan. Launched BETA edition of "cowcamo", an end-to-end real estate online brokerage platform for used and renovated properties
June Released the final edition of “cowcamo” and the online media “cowcamo MAGAZINE”


Mar. Registered as a First-class Architect Office
Sept. “cowcamo” received Good Design Award
Oct. Moved the headquarter to Meguro, Tokyo in order to expand businesses


July Co-representative Director, Hiroki Murakami and Masahiro Nakamura jointly published a book titiled「Ba no design wo shigoto ni suru, Making a new future by multiplying Architect×Real Estate×Technology(Gakugei Shuppan-Sha)」
  • “cowcamo” support services for sellers started
  • “cowcamo” app (iOS) released


Mar. “cowcamo” partnership started
July “cowcamo” app (Android) released
Sept. Opened “HEYSHA SHOTO” , the company’s first midsize workplace for startups
Dec. “cowcamo” app (Android) received hidden masterpiece category award of “Google Play Best of 2018”


July Listed in the Market of the High-Growth and Emerging Stocks (Mothers) of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Oct. Investment to a furniture subscription company, Subsclife Inc.
Jan. Held original cultural festival ”Goensai 2019” with a theme to co-create with stakeholders
  • Business partnership with Star Mica Group
  • Opened liberal co-working district, “co-ba ebisu”


May Launched new service “SELEC”, which easily enables renovation of homes that fit to each person’s lifestyle preference
July Business and Capital Alliance with Marui Group
Aug. For the tenth anniversary, announced to build company’s new vision and to renew its corporate logos
Oct. Number of “cowcamo” members has exceeded 200,000.


  • Support service for Flipping companies started.
  • “cowcamo” launched “Brand” and “Brand Mix”.
  • “co-ba ebisu” launched new “Wataridori” plan.
  • Business alliance with Money Forward, Inc.
  • Business alliance with e-office Inc.
Aug. Management structure changed from Representative Director and CEO Hiroki Murakami and Representative Director and Founder Masahiro Nakamura to Representative Director and CEO Hiroki Murakami.