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Hiroki has a Bachelors of Arts from Rikkyo University’s College of Business (formly the Faculty of Sociology). While studying he ran his own business and belonged to Professor Scott Davis’ research laboratory. After graduating, he joined the real estate developer, Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd., and engaged in the asset management business for wholesale real estate. From there, Hiroki joined LIFULL Co., Ltd., (formerly Next Co., Ltd.) a company that operates the real estate portal known as HOME'S, and was involved with planning, development, and business and promotion strategy of related IT services. Hiroki co-founded tsukuruba with Masahiro in 2011.

Contributing to society through the growth of business

What is the purpose of a company?

I believe it’s to contribute to society through its continuous business growth.

tsukuruba’s statement of inventing new places carries its own definition.

The invention of places does not simply refer to a well-designed space or area that is shared by its users as an asset, nor does it refer to the effective use of one, but it is also the creation of places where people and information intersect online.

Providing a meaningful impact through the spread of such inventions throughout society is what we value most. We aim to have society recognize the existence of these inventions as something indispensable, and to be spread to the extent where its origin becomes of no concern and is naturally embraced.

Through our business, we strive to develop this value to contribute to society.

Design and Technology as sources of competitive advantage

I have always wanted to create products and services with my own hands.

When I was a student in the 2000s, I felt a paradigm shift from mass production and mass consumption and began thinking about the importance of design in business. When the iPhone was released in Japan in 2008 and I picked it up for the first time, I was convinced that design would become the new source of business competition.

After working for a real estate company, I moved to a major Internet company that develops and operates a portal site for real estate information. During my time there, I experienced the power of the Internet at first-hand; it was clear that it can transcend time and process huge amounts of information beyond human power. Through this experience, I saw a vast business potential in the technology field.

When I co-founded tsukuruba I strongly believed that design and technology would be two pillars to solve social issues.

With such belief and sense of mission, I co-founded tsukuruba with Masahiro Nakamura who experienced both the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 and the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

By combining Design, Business and Technology, we aim to be a company not afraid to change or make bold investments, and continues to create value for society.



Masahiro has a Master of Architecture and Building Engineering from the Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and studied under the Architect, Mr. Yoshiharu Tsukamoto. After graduating, Masahiro joined the real estate developer Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd. Later he worked for a museum design firm as a spatial and interior designer for museum exhibitions and event spaces through the use of digital devices. Then, after working at an environmental NPO, he co-founded tsukuruba with Hiroki Murakami in 2011. He currently designs places that combines design, business, and technology.

Redefining the value of what we already have

By discovering and redefining the value of what we already have, tsukuruba creates new places in our society: a working place, a place to meet and talk with people, a place where you can enjoy life.

After the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 that came in the midst of a major urban redevelopment, and the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, the values of the past began to collapse and the world shifted and changed in various ways. This made me think, “From now on, we must build new values in our generation. And what kind of place is necessary for the people living in this next era?" Such thought prompted me to start tsukuruba.

When I was a graduate student of architecture, I participated in a project in which a sportswear company created a public park with a new concept in the city in cooperation with Shibuya Ward. After being involved in such a large project and after graduating from University, I joined a real estate developer with intention to be in a position to create a new place from the pre-architecture phase of property development. Hiroki Murakami, co-founder of tsukuruba, had joined the same company during the same period. Later, as the focus in the economy shifted to utilizing existing assets and supplies, rather than building everything from scratch, I wanted to get involved in the later stages of architectural design and joined a museum design business.

There, I was always thinking about how the visitors could enjoy the content of the exhibitions. I worked on spatial and interior design by editing information, designing, and making spatial presentations. But the larger the project, the higher the job hierarchy. I wanted to feel more directly connected to the people who enjoyed the place that we created.

Updating the obvious

A place that tsukuruba creates and provides is a place where people meet. It is a place where people and information are converged. It is a place where thoughts and businesses meet.

What we want to do at co-ba is to create a place and social community to support those who are taking on new challenges. In addition to providing a space, we are creating working communities with all co-ba members across Japan in order to share ideas and skills.

For cowcamo, if a property is a newly-built apartment, your options will be limited. However, for renovated properties, if there are 100 properties, there will be 100 different options. We want to provide more choices for those that live in cities, so that they can choose and pursue their own unique lifestyles.

What I want to provide is not a special service for a handful of people. I want to update what’s obvious a little. Our businesses, which combines Design, Business and Technology, will strive to invent new places and help our society to progress.

In order for tsukuruba to be a leading company in inventing spaces, there are so many more things we can and must do.