MISSIONMaking Home Ownership Accessible.
Change Homes as Often as Desired.

Today, homes are no longer a once-in-a-lifetime purchase with the way workstyle and lifestyle are evolving.

When home ownership becomes accessible and everyone is free to change homes as often as they so desire, homes can expand possibilities throughout a lifetime instead of being a constraint.

At TSUKURUBA, we are a digital company continuing to leverage new technologies. We walk alongside our customers to craft a new future by providing a platform for everyone to realize their own, unique way of life.


In order to realize our Vision, we have established 5 Values that are particularly important. All TSUKURUBA employees are expected to act and work in a manner consistent with those Values.

Take pride in the work that we do.
  • Approach our individual roles and responsibilities with sincerity, always executing with intent.
  • Do work the right way, every time, taking pride in its delivery.
Find the shortest path to solving the needs of our customers.
  • Get to know our customers well to solve their core needs.
  • Never forget that all our work is done for our customers, committing to provide them value along the shortest and fastest path possible.
Think of ways to make things possible.
  • Whatever the situation may be, think of ways to make things possible.
  • Keep the heart warm and keep the head cool, always approaching our goals in a constructive fashion.
Decide fast, act fast.
  • Make decision-making simple and make execution speedy.
  • Continue to evolve our work through a cycle of challenges and improvements, unimpeded by a fear of uncertainty.
Do big things with the best team.
  • Have healthy discussions, finding ways to help each other through challenges.
  • Go full throttle with the best team to deliver the best work possible to achieve our Vision.