Our mission is to make a new future by "inventing new places".

  • Place

    Our definition of place extends beyond physical places.
    Places have meanings for the people who interact in those places, for the emotions and stories that are born and convered in those places.
    Places embody and transmit our emotions and stories and play a critical part in broadening their reach.
    We believe in and aim to communicate such power of place.

  • Invention

    Invention is not just about creating new things which did not exist previously.
    Rather, we believe that an invention is about creating new things and approaches which eventually become new standards in our society.

  • New future

    Our actions are inspired and motivated by our will and desire to create a new future.
    Whether you try to enthuse those around you or even attempt to start a revolution which galvanizes societies, it all starts with an action.
    Actions and will are a baton, inspiring new actions.
    Actions and will are passed on from one person to another, leading to a new and better future.
    Such society, which evolves as our actions and will are passed on, is the future that we aim to build.

Our Beliefs

What does it mean to work as tsukuruba? We have compiled our values into five core beliefs.
Together with tsukuruba members who invent new places, we value the following principles.

  • Be Driven

    Create a work environment you can be wildly enthusiastic about while never compromising to achieve results.

  • Create from Diversity

    Proactively absorb various perspectives and insight to continue generating new value.

  • Combine Philosophy and Business

    Achieve compatibility of beliefs with business values.

  • Invent

    Venture unconquered domains to produce seeds of new inventions.

  • Change

    Never stop changing.