Setting up core principles for all business activities

TSUKURUBA Inc. values performing corporate activities with coherent core principles from invisible corporate culture to visible corporate activities. We perform company activities based on these principles in making relations with all stakeholders and in building our business and organization.

MISSIONOur mission is to make
a new future by “inventing new places”.

Our definition of “places” extends beyond physical places.
“Places” have meanings for the people who interact in those “places”, for the emotions and stories that are born and converted in those “places” .

Whether you try to enthuse those around you or even attempt to start a revolution which galvanized societies, it all starts with an action.

In spite of taking the circumstances for granted, actions and will would inspire new actions. Actions and will are passed on from one person to another, leading to a new and better future.

Like the domino effect of the chain of people and the wil, we create new culture for the next generation.

That’s how we define “invention”.

We make a new future by “inventing new places”.

VISION 2025We are a leading company
that continues to make
business to become
a new culture before long.

The culture is not made overnight. We wish to make such a society and strive to realize the goals with the society. It is a long way for the business to become a culture. We have a wide vision and aim to become the leading company which continues to make business to become the culture before long.

In order to accomplish our VISION 2025, we have set up the following policies for our business and our organization.
Business Policy

We will create the first business that will become a new culture before long by innovation of distribution of houses through the platform of cowcamo. On the other hand, we will strive to create the next core business by producing the next business seed through Property Planning and Design business.

Organization Policy

In order to continuously create new business that will be a new culture before long, it is important that sympathized members with its own will gather with speciality and domain love and make challenges and accomplish in teams that cannot be done alone. TSUKURUBA strives to achieve individual oriented organization which will be developed with three policies of “sympathy”, “challenge” and “co-creation”.


Code of conduct in order to accomplish our VISION

Members of TSUKURUBA shares these three values. They turn to the same direction and perform these values on their daily work. They aim to make the company “a leading company that continues to make business to become a new culture before long” regardless of their division or occupation.

DRIVENBegin from values
  • “Whose and what kinds of value will it lead to?” should be the basis of all actions.
  • Value for our members, value of our users and value for the industry and the society.
  • We should deliver the true value to the people at our actions.
OWNERSHIPSense of ownership
  • Perform any job with a sense of ownership.
  • Carry it out till the last.
  • Be proud of your job and surpass the expectations of others.
  • Master sense of ownership in your job and impress others.
FOCUSEDPerform by oneself
  • There is a team to accomplish big results that cannot be achieved alone.
  • With respect to others, achieve results without being afraid of conflicts.
  • The team changes society.