Before sending inquiries

Please check our FAQs before making inquiries as they may help you resolve your questions.

Notes on use

We ask for your understanding of the following points.

  • ・It may take some time to respond depending on the contents and timing of your inquiry.
  • ・Please note that we do not accept responses from IR regarding the following questions.
    1. Questions regarding non-public information (performance forecasts, etc.)
    2. Questions that may fall under “Important Facts” in Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (shareholder returns, stock price measures, etc.)
    3. Questions regarding stock market price movements (stock price trends, trading methods, etc.)
    4. Messages that fall into slander (such as unfounded bad words, words that abate honor)
    5. Sales and solicitation inquiries
  • ・In order to prevent the leakage of account settlement information and ensure fairness, the Company sets the “silence period” from the day after the account settlement date to the account announcement date. We will refrain from responding to any questions or inquiries during this period.
  • ・We cannot respond to inquiries where we cannot confirm the person and contact information.